Current work by Crispin Heesom

This is a selection of my current work, if you would like more information or to purchase one please contact me.  These are all individual, unique original paintings, not prints and unless specified are oil on canvas.  My work is best appreciated "in the flesh" so please contact me to arrange a viewing.

Tree in the Old Cricket Field

Size, 24" x 30"

Tree on a Mound - Autumn


Hills & Holes, October light

 Size, 28" x 36"

Winter Landscape with
Birds and Bones

Size, 24" x 30"

Old Quarry

Size  23" x 37"

Tussocks in Snow & Sunlight


Tussocks in Evening Light


West Street, blackink

Size, 24" x 12"

Bridge Street, blackink

 Etching, 16" x 8"

Crispin Heesom Artist